Workshop Distinctives

What is so different about Grace Adventure?

People who are interested in growth and healing look to a number of sources for help and direction. They might go to a therapist or counselor for their professional perspective and experience. They might attend a seminar that focuses on a topic that seems pertinent. They might read any number of “self help” books or attend a Bible study on a wide range of topics. So the question arises, How is Grace Adventure different from those resources and what does it offer that sets it apart?

Grace Adventure is a hands on experience-based workshop. Rather than sitting through talks or lectures on helpful topics and taking notes that will later be put into practice, the work that is accomplished in Grace Adventure is actually completed in the workshop.

Grace Adventure is a group experience. We believe that the body of Christ is capable of much more in its role in helping people grow in Christlikeness. This affords our participants the opportunity to experience the body of Christ in new and perhaps surprising ways that provide an amazing atmosphere of grace, encouragement, support and accountability and resulting in substantial growth and healing. Even beyond the actual training experience, the groups often stay bonded resulting in continued growth both emotionally and spiritually. Our larger Grace Adventure community now numbers nearly 600 men and women. That sized community allows us to offer ongoing growth opportunities focusing on marriage, family and other challenging life issues.

Grace Adventure is an intensive, but not coercive or manipulative experience. To some degree, Grace Adventure is a spiritual and emotional “boot camp” which is very effective in addressing the stubborn issues in life such as bad habits, bad attitudes, besetting sins and even addictions. Participants are never, however, pressured to do anything they do not want to do.

Grace Adventure is restoration oriented. We believe that God has uniquely designed each of us for a purpose. The challenges of living in a broken and fallen world have made it difficult to know and live from that unique design. Grace Adventure seeks to help each individual rediscover and live out that design. Rather than being oriented toward problem solving, we help our participants strive to be the kind of people who can meet life challenges and either find solutions to those challenges or learn to live with them with grace and dignity.

Grace Adventure is Christ-oriented. We are deeply committed to the Scriptures and to godly living. Even for those who come to Grace Adventure and are not interested in Christ or God, we know that the wisdom of the Scriptures and what they tell us about living life to the full is helpful to all people.

Grace Adventure meshes well with other growth resources. We try to stay current with written resources available in the Christian community and connect those ideas to the workshops when it is appropriate. Because of its group orientation, Grace Adventure offers some opportunities and dynamics that are not available in the counseling setting. What is accomplished in the workshops often makes counseling much more effective. And our alumni, because they experience such a great level of growth and healing, return to their congregations excited and energetic to help in the work of their local church ministries.