Why is the training spread out over 3 months?

An individual can only absorb and apply so much information in one setting. We believe you need time to process what you learn and have time to put the “tools” to work in your life to truly benefit from what you experience in the training. As you progress through the weekend “journeys,” you also will participate in a weekly follow-up to gain more information about the training tools and additional coaching from your leaders in how to apply these tools to real life situations.

Why does Grace Adventure cost what it does?

The tuition for Grace Adventure includes all camp expenses, most meals and the training. We truly are “non profit.” The Grace Adventure staff serves entirely on a volunteer basis without compensation and operates in a “virtual office” setting, to keep costs at a minimum. The price of the training is less than $10 per hour as compared to traditional counseling fees which can range anywhere between $50 and $125 per hour with many Christian residential conferences charging participants $1000 or more for a single weekend.

Why do I have to stay at the camp and have a roommate?

A great deal of the advantage of the training occurs outside of the training room during interaction with other participants and we have found that having a roomate is conducive to achieving maximum benefit from the training. It is also very helpful to embrace the rare opportunity to leave the distractions of daily living behind and concentrate fully on the focus of the workshop.

Are you affiliated with any religious organization?

Grace Adventure is not a church or affiliated with any specific denomination. Our curriculum draws its basis from the truth of the Scriptures and is the guide for all that we do.

We encourage our alumni to take what they learn at Grace Adventure and use it, in part, to better serve the body of Christ in their own local congregation. We know that participants come to Grace Adventure at many different stages in their relationship with God. We seek to meet them where they are and respect the factors that have brought them to that place. We place no expectations on our participants as to their spiritual experience in the training.

Is Kansas City the only place that Grace Adventure is offered?

Grace Adventure is only available in Kansas City.

Are you an addiction rehabilitation or anger management program?

Grace Adventure is NOT specifically an addiction rehabilitation or anger management program. It does, however, address the issues that often drive people to find escape or release in addictions or that drive angry behavior. Individuals with these issues find the training very helpful in directing them to a new path. We do require sobriety from all participants within the training environment. Use of non-prescription, “street” drugs, or alcohol during the workshop is grounds for dismissal from the workshop.

Will my insurance pay for the training?

In most cases insurance will not pay for the training.

Is this marriage counseling?

Grace Adventure is a workshop that focuses on individual issues. However, we are aware that as people grow and heal, they usually become better spouses. It is usually the “baggage” we bring into marriage that creates conflict and failure in the relationship. We often see marriages move in a new and more positive direction as a result of the work the individual spouses do in the workshop. Grace Adventure also creates an environment that allows people to take a look at themselves and accept accountability for how they might contribute to or contaminate their relationships.

Do you encourage couples to attend together?

We strongly encourage spouses to attend together, if possible. It can be challenging to be in the same training as your spouse, however, it can have great advantages as well. The benefit of the training is not lost, however, if the couple chooses to attend separately.

Is Grace Adventure better than counseling?

Grace Adventure is distinctly different from traditional counseling, but is complementary to it. The distinctives of Grace Adventure versus counseling are: -- the opportunity to work in a group setting -- to engage in focused self-discovery without the time limitations of the counseling setting -- to give full attention to personal issues without the distraction of daily living

Pastors, counselors, and therapists often refer their clients to Grace Adventure. Many times the training greatly shortens the time needed for counseling to achieve its desired goals. Frequently individuals will be more open to speaking with a counselor and resolving further issues after having been through the training.

What is experience-based training?

Experience-based training means you learn by first-hand experiencing rather than simply hearing a lecture or taking notes. Grace Adventure is a “hands-on” workshop and is very interactive with other participants. When you have completed the workshop, you have actually done the work rather than just learning how to do the work.

Alumni I talk to seem so secretive - what is that about?

We require strict confidentiality from both participants and leaders. This is not to maintain secrecy, but rather to create a safe place for people to experience the training and do the work they need to do. All participants are free to share their own experiences in the workshop, but agree to not share anything that others have shared.

Participants are asked to not share the specific dynamics of the exercises. This is not to hide anything, but rather to preserve the freshness and spontaneity of the training experience. The intent is not to keep secrets, but for everyone to get the most of their experience. If you have specific questions about what will be covered in the workshops, please see the “What happens at a workshop?” page or feel free to contact us via the email contact page.

Is Grace Adventure a cult or some "New Age" thing?

No. Grace Adventure is NOT a cult, nor is it in any way “New Age.” While Biblical chapter and verse are not generally quoted in the workshop presentation, the curriculum is purposefully based on the patterns and truth of the Word of God. A cult would tend to pull you away from sound doctrine and twist your beliefs about life. A cult would also be coersive or manipulative. Grace Adventure NEVER requires a participant to do something they genuinely do not want to do, and tailors the training experience to the life situation of each individual participant. Our stated purpose is to encourage holiness and Christlikeness in the lives of all participants.

What do I need to bring to the training?

You will need comfortable, casual clothing and personal items. The temperature in the training sessions may run on the cool side for some; therefore, a light jacket or sweater is helpful.

Bring snacks for breaks so you can take care of yourself. Make sure to bring and take your prescription medications. There will be no cameras allowed in the training room, but you might want one for taking pictures outside the room. You will also need money for a few meals and some miscellaneous items.

Can I just do Journey 1?

You can, however, you will be left with many open-ended questions because there are many more exercises that build upon the experiences of Journey 1. The training is set up as a unified whole, broken down into four weekend “journeys”. In order to experience the full benefit, all four training weekends plus the eight week follow up should be completed.

How is Grace Adventure different from other training programs?

Grace Adventure is a non-profit ministry that helps participants see themselves as God sees them. We deal with you on your journey and do not compare your journey to anyone else’s. You are not required to promote Grace Adventure if you attend. Participants are never coerced nor required to espouse any particular viewpoint. We promote a atmosphere of love and acceptance and like to have fun and enjoy life. We focus on tools and skills for life, which you will have the opportunity to practice and become proficient. Most find the tools greatly improve the quality of their life.

Grace Adventure is the "real thing." We do not market other products, programs, or training courses to participants as a back-channel way of making the program look less expensive up front, nor push participants to take part in the ongoing activities of the Grace Adventure community. The whole, complete, and only purpose of this program is to give the participants as much as we possibly can.